Total Budget

Materials $5,680,450
Operations $345,957
Personnel $2,618,170
Total $8,644,577


Collection Totals

Book volumes owned or leased: 832,610                    
      522,806 are cataloged print books                    
                In FY 2014, 2,451 print books were purchased                
      309,804 are cataloged e-books                    
                 In FY 2015, 19,588 new e-books were purchased, leased, or made available for possible purchase through demand-driven acquisitions)
      110,000 are uncataloged government documents.                
Serial subscriptions (print and electronic): 18,872                  
Microforms: 2,199,153                      
Video (cassettes and DVDs): 6,961                    
Audio (compact discs): 2,563                      
Music scores: 6,545                        
Average price for a print book: $46.93                    
Average cost of processing an item: $30.00                  
Weeded 24,800 print serials                      
Total number # of CatSearch searches: 186,872                  



Librarians (faculty) - 20 employees

Admin/Professional - 3 employees

Classified - 30 employees

Student assistants - Approx. 22 students (varies)



Renne Library – 112,000 sq. ft. - 1,100 seating capacity


Library Use Facts - July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

  • 939,866 people exited MSU Library
  • 11,689 items were picked up/reshelved in the library without being checked out
  • 35,26,062 items were checked out (not counting renewals)
  • 82,750 uses were made of electronic reserves
  • 8,779 reference questions were asked
  • 6,848 items were loaned to other libraries
  • 11,082 items were borrowed from other libraries
  • 418 instruction sessions and workshops were held
  • 115 students were enrolled in library credited courses
  • 363 appointments were made with librarians for in-depth reference assistance


Library Serves the University and Beyond

  • The Renne Library has more than 900,000 visitors annually.
  • More learning goes on in the library than in any single classroom on campus; the library is, in effect, the largest classroom or laboratory at any university.
  • The library serves the entire state as well as campus; any Montana citizen can check out books or use reference services in-person or online; it is a major interlibrary loan lender to Montana Library.


Library Provides Technology

  • Anyone affiliated with the University who has Internet access can search our catalog; our catalog provides user-friendly, online access around the clock.
  • Wireless access and plug-in ports are available throughout Renne Library for properly equipped laptop users; more than 150 computers are available in the library.