The MSU Library Display Committee is responsible for developing, soliciting, coordinating, producing, and promoting displays in the Renne Library lobby. 

Current Display

One Book One Bozeman 2017

one book one bozeman 
Currently, our display is advertising One Book One Bozeman, "a community-wide read program designed to encourage engaged discussion and literacy through the reading of a common book." This year's featured book is Speak by Louisa Hall, which interrogates themes of human communication. Glimpse various tools of human communication from different eras, ranging from a rotary phone to one of the first Apple laptops.  One Book One Bozeman is sponsored by the Bozeman Public Library, the Country Bookshelf, and MSU Library.

Past Displays

Banned Books Week 2017

This year we celebrated our freedom to read during the national Banned Books Week. Our display housed information about why books are banned or challenged, as well as historical accounts of book burnings in the United States. We also had a "Banned Books Selfie Station" where patrons were encouraged to snap a selfie with whichever banned book they were caught reading!


The Divide War: 113 Years of Cat-Griz Rivalry

cat griz

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"The Divide War: 113 Years of Cat-Griz Rivalry" is on display in the MSU Library display case in the main lobby. 

This display chronicled the spirited history of the Cat/Griz rivalry. It showcased images and information from the MSU Library's Special Collections, which included historical photographs from football programs and team photos dating back to the beginning of the rivalry in 1897. The display took viewers through the first matchup, the Butte years, and up to this year's Brawl of the Wild. 

For more information on displays, visit the library or email Amanda Hardin at